Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan Adopted

The parish of Rackheath now has a Neighbourhood Plan – a planning document compiled by the community which will shape development as it happens over the next 20 years. Thank you to all the residents that have given their time and input over the last 18 months, for what has been a long journey of producing the important Plan.

On Wednesday 19th July a referendum was held on the Neighbourhood Plan. There was a 17.4% turnout from eligible voters in Rackheath. 214 said yes to the Plan, with 43 saying no. With a majority voting ‘yes’ Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted at Broadland District Council on 20th July, now a part of their planning requirements. The Plan will also be used by Rackheath Parish Council for feeding comment into any planning application that comes forward.

An added bonus of having a Neighbourhood Plan in place, is that the parish will also receive a greater proportion of the developer contributions received. This will mean more money to spend on community infrastructure within Rackheath. Please get in contact with the Parish Council if you would like to be involved in putting into action local projects such as new community woodland, allotments, green space, local heritage, upgrading sports and community facilities, and making sure we get the best services from the planned development.

View the Neighbourhood Plan here: