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Neighbourhood Plan Review 2024


What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a legal document that sets out planning policies for your area and can:

  • Protect local green spaces;

  • Encourage better designed places;

  • Focus on the policies and areas important to the local community;

It’s written by the local community and helps get the right types of development, in the right place.


Neighbourhood Plans give communities an increased ability to influence planning within their area. Plans need to conform with planning policies and guidance at a local, national and European level and meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. Neighbourhood Plans are tested in an independent examination. They also need to demonstrate involvement of the local community in decision making and be subject to a community referendum.

Where is Rackheath in terms of its Neighbourhood Plan?


In July 2017 Rackheath had its first Neighbourhood Plan adopted to guide future development in the area between 2017 and 2037. A lot has changed since 2017. We are now reviewing the Neighbourhood Plan and updating the policies.  

How can I get involved?


A steering group of Community Councillors and local residents has been set up to review the content of the Neighbourhood Plan alongside consultations and listening to local community views.


Members include (but are not limited to)

Nicola Kerr (Chair), Pippa Nurse (Vice-Chair), Gareth Duffin and Fran Whymark.  

Please contact Rackheath Parish Clerk if you would like to get involved.

Neighbourhood Plan Area


The area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan is the whole of the parish of Rackheath.

Map Source: Broadland District Council with own annotations based on Parish Online data

The Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted in 2017.

An added bonus of having a Neighbourhood Plan in place is that the parish will also receive a greater proportion of the developer contributions received.  This means more money to spend on community infrastructure within Rackheath.  


Download the Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 10MB)

Aerial Photo of Rackheath

Please get in contact with the Community Council if you would like to be involved in putting into action local projects such as new community woodland, allotments, green space, local heritage, upgrading sports and community facilities, and making sure we get the best services from the planned development.

Aerial Photo of Rackheath

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