The Community Council maintains a set of policies and procedures to help carry its duties out effectively and to comply with regulations. These documents are reviewed and updated where required.




The Community Council agrees a budget each year at the December Council meeting for the anticipated expenditure in the following financial year from 1 April 1 to March 31. A Statement of Accounts is produced at the end of each year which is audited by an independent auditor. Copies of the budget and statement are available below.

2021/22 Financial Year


Approved Budget

2020/21 Financial Year


Approved Budget

2019-20 Financial Year

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2019-20

AGAR 2019-20 Sections 1,2&3: Governance, Statement of Accounts and Internal Report (PDF, 9.121MB)

Exercise of Public Rights 2019-20

Year End Bank Reconciliation 2019-20

Explanation of Significant Variances 2019-20

The Council Tax Precept


Income is raised through the precept, (payment made by Rackheath householders residents through their Council Tax, collected by Broadland District Council). The Community Council also receives income from the hire of facilities such as the football pitches, pavilion and bowling green and from grants.

Expenditure is incurred on staff salaries and administration expenses, grass and verge cutting, Churchyard maintenance, emptying litter and dog bins, maintenance of facilities and open space and on grants/donations.

If you wish to apply for a grant or donation from the Community Council please read our Grants Policy and contact the Parish Cler​k.

Copies of documents are available from the Clerk upon request.

Rackheath Community Council

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