As a local authority the Rackheath Parish Council follows a range of agreed policies and procedures which are listed here for your information and guidance. The following documents are available on this website;

Parish Council Action Plan 2017

The Parish Council has produced an Action Plan of items that we want to achieve in 2017 which is linked to the budget. The aims and objectives may well change over the year and are likely to increase as we take on the projects that the Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan has identified.  We would welcome public comment on this Action Plan.

The Action Plan was reviewed in July 2017.

Communication & Engagement Strategy 2017

This is our communication and engagement strategy outlining the way the Parish Council provides two-way communication between the residents of Rackheath and the members of the Parish Council.

Complaints Procedure 2016

Co-option Procedure

Grants Awards Policy

Code of Conduct

Training Policy

Parish Council Standing Orders

Social Media Policy

Parish Council Risk Assessment

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